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Bergisch Bicycle Bus

The Bergische FahrradBus (Cycling Bus) shuttles between Leverkusen-Opladen (bus station) and Marienheide along the Balkantrasse and the Bergische Panoramic Cycle Path. These cycle paths are part of a network of more than 300km of routes between the Ruhr, Rhine and Sieg rivers, most of which run along former railway lines through the north of the Rheinisch-Bergisch and Oberbergisch districts. A second service runs between Bergisch Gladbach and Burscheid (route 430). 

The Bergische FahrradBus, which is identified as such in the destination display, allows all users of the cycle paths to cover a route or part of a route in comfort by bus. 

The buses on both routes are equipped with a bicycle trailer. This has space for a total of 16 bikes, and e-bikes can also be accommodated without difficulty. Loading the trailer exclusively from the right-hand side ensures that passengers are not exposed to the dangers of moving traffic. Furthermore, up to four bicycles can be stored in the bus. 

The Bergische FahrradBuses can of course also be used by passengers without a bicycle. They offer great connections to the hiking trails of the Bergisches Wanderland, for example, so you can also use the bus to reach the start of a hike. The Bergische FahrradBus is fully accessible. Reservations are not accepted for these bus services. 

Buses run on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between Mai and November. The 2024 season will start on May 1st and will end on October 6th. The timetable for 2024 ist the same as 2023.

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The bus routes 





The fares are based on the VRS (Rhine-Sieg Transport Association) tariff: a FahrradTicket (bike ticket) must be purchased in addition to your single ticket. This means a single ticket for adults costs € 3.50 or an NRW Bicycle Day Ticket (Fahrrad-Tagesticket) for any number of journeys costs € 5.55. If you have a VRS season ticket, special conditions may apply. You can find more information about this at www.vrs.de



Bergischer FahrradBus 2024

Der Bergische FahrradBus pendelt in den Sommermonaten (Mai-Oktober) zwischen Leverkusen-Opladen und Marienheide entlang des Panorama-Radwegs Balkantrasse sowie des Bergischen Panorama-Radwegs. Hier finden Sie die Fahrtzeiten und weitere Informationen.

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Timetable Bergisch Bicycle Bus 2024

Leverkusen-Opladen - Marienheide

bus stop departure time          
Leverkusen Opladen Busbf. 09:00 10:00 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00
Pattscheid Bf. 09:15 10:15 12:15 14:15 16:15 18:15
Burscheid Bf. 09:27 10:27 12:27 14:27 16:27 18:27
Hilgen Raiffeisenplatz 09:41 10:41 12:41 14:41 16:41 18:41
Wermelsk. RVK-Niederl. 09:53 10:53 12:53 14:53 16:53 18:53
Wermelsk. Neuenborn (B51) 10:05 11:05 13:05 15:05 17:05 19:05
Hückeswagen Bahnhofstraße 10:21 11:21 13:21 15:21 17:21 19:21
Wipperfürth Leiersmühle 10:39 11:39 13:39 15:39 17:39 19:39
Ohl 10:51 11:51 13:51 15:51 17:51 19:51
Marienheide Busbf. 11:05 12:05 14:05 16:05 18:05 20:05

Marienheide - Leverkusen-Opladen

bus stop departure time        
Marienheide Busbf. 09:00 11:15 13:00 15:00 16:15
Ohl 09:09 11:24 13:09 15:09 16:24
Wipperfürth Leiersmühle 09:20 11:35 13:20 15:20 16:35
Hückeswagen Bahnhofstraße 09:36 11:51 13:36 15:36 16:51
Wermelsk. Neuenborn (B51) 09:51 12:06 13:51 15:51 17:06
Wermelsk. RVK-Niederl. 10:03 12:18 14:03 16:03 17:18
Hilgen Raiffeisenplatz 10:13 12:28 14:13 16:13 17:28
Burscheid Bf. 10:27 12:42 14:27 16:27 17:42
Pattscheid Bf. 10:37 12:52 14:37 16:37 17:52
Leverkusen Opladen Busbf. 10:55 13:10 14:55 16:55 18:10

Timetable route 430 2024

Bergisch Gladbach Bf. - Burscheid

bus stop departure time        
Bergisch Gladbach, Bf. 09:20 11:20 13:20 15:20 17:20
Odenthal Kirche 09:35 11:35 13:35 15:35 17:35
Burscheid, Bf. 09:53 11:53 13:53 15:53 17:53

Burscheid - Bergisch Gladbach Bf.

bus stop departure time        
Burscheid, Bf. 10:07 12:07 14:07 16:07 18:07
Odenthal Kirche 10:26 12:26 14:26 16:26 18:26
Bergisch Gladbach, Bf. 10:41 12:41 14:41 16:41 18:41

Bergische Fahrradbus - bus stops 

The Bergisches FahrradBuss service stops at these places on its way from Leverkusen to Marienheide. On the return journey, the service makes the same stops in reverse order.


Markers between the bus stop and the cycle trail

The ways from the bus stops to the cycle trails are signposted with special markings on the routes between Leverkusen-Opladen and Marienheide. The bus stops are not far from the cycle trail and are very easy to find by following the respective markings. The marker takes the form of a logo insert in the red and white signage of the NRW cycle network. 


430 - bus stops 

The 430 service also runs as a bicycle bus from its usual stops. We recommend boarding and alighting at the following stops between Bergisch Gladbach and Burscheid for cyclists:

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