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Bergische FahrradBus (Bergisch Bicycle Bus)

the new season will start in March 2020

From March to November 2020, the Bergische FahrradBus between Leverkusen-Opladen (bus station) and Marienheide will run along Panorama-Radweg Balkantrasse (Balkantrasse Panorama Cycle Trail) and the Bergische Panorama-Radweg (Bergisch Panorama Cycle Trail). These cycle trails are part of a 300 km network of routes between the Ruhr, the Rhine and the Sieg, which mainly runs along former railway lines through the north of the Rhine-Bergisch district and the Oberbergisch district.

The Bergische FahrradBus, which is marked as such on the destination display, allows all users of the cycle trails to take the bus in comfort for a stretch or part of a stage. 

New line from March 2019: between Bergisch Gladbach and Burscheid

A second bus line with a bicycle trailer will be in service from the start of the 2019 season. Line 430 runs between Bergisch Gladbach via Odenthal to Burscheid and can also be used by cyclists on weekends and holidays. 

The buses along both lines are equipped with bicycle trailers. These have room for 16 bicycles in total and can also accommodate e-bikes without any problem. Because the trailer can only be loaded from the right, passengers are not exposed to any danger from passing traffic. In addition to this, up to four bicycles can be stowed on the bus.

The Bergische FahrradBus services can of course also be used by passengers without bicycles. They offer fantastic connections, for example to the Bergisch Wanderland trails, so that you can also use the bus to go hiking. It is possible to travel barrier-free on the Bergische FahrradBus. Reservations cannot be made to travel on the buses.

The buses run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from March to November.

Markers between the bus stop and the cycle trail

The ways from the bus stops to the cycle trails are signposted with special markings on the routes between Leverkusen-Opladen and Marienheide. The bus stops are not far from the cycle trail and are very easy to find by following the respective markings.

Flyer 2019 to Download (in German)

The Routes of the Lines (Bergische FahrradBus)

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Stops of the Bergische FahrradBus

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Line 430: recommended stops to enter and get out

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The FahrradBus in the video

Old railway lines - perfect cycle trails


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