Bogenbrücke in Wipperfürth auf dem Bergischen PanoramaradwegFoto: BSW / Patrick Gawandtka

along disused railway lines

just cycle Bergisch

along disused railway lines

Cycling completely relaxed in the Bergisch region? Yes, no problem! Well developed and almost perfectly flat cycle trails along the former railway lines make it possible: the Panorama Trails network is around 220 kilometres long. It connects the Bergisches Land, the south Ruhr Area and the Sauerland, and joins the popular riverside cycle trails along the Rhine, the Ruhr and the Sieg. Around 150 kilometres run along former railway lines and there are only a few strenuous parts to overcome along the connecting paths. During the course of 2016, the panorama cycle trails were fully signposted.

Old railway lines - perfect cycle trails

Panorama cycle trails along former railway lines are ideally suited to exploring the hilly landscape. A quick look back at history explains why: at the beginning of age of the railway, industrialisation was forging ahead by the end of the 19th century - in the Bergisch Tri-city Area too. Railway lines were built to supply production centres with raw materials and to transport the finished goods away. In order that the heavy railway carriages could travel, stretches with low inclines were built with innumerable tunnels, bridges and viaducts. The have left their mark on the landscape to this day - and make cycling a very special experience. The Panorama cycle trails offer breathtaking expansive views of nature, the rural idyll and urban living - just a few pedal pushes away from each other.

  • Bergische Panorama-Radweg (Bergisch Panorama Cycle Trail): 131 km from Hattingen to Olpe
  • Panorama-Radweg Balkantrasse (Balkantrasse Panorama Cycle Trail): 51 km from Wuppertal-Oberbarmen to Leverkusen
  • Panorama-Radweg Niederbergbahn (Niederbergbahn Panorama Cycle Trail): 44 km from Essen-Kettwig to Haan

Maps and Tracks of the Panorama cycle trails

On the trail of the railway line from the Ruhr through the Bergisch region to the Sauerland
Length of this route: 132km
From the lowland plains of the Rhine to the hilly landscape of the Bergisch region
Length of this route: 50,4km

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Bergische Fahrradbus

From March to November, the Bergische FahrradBus between Leverkusen-Opladen (bus station) and Marienheide runs along Panorama-Radweg Balkantrasse (Balkantrasse Panorama Cycle Trail) and the Bergische Panorama-Radweg (Bergisch Panorama Cycle Trail). These cycle trails are part of a 300 km network of routes between the Ruhr, the Rhine and the Sieg, which mainly runs along former railway lines through the north of the Rhine-Bergisch district and the Oberbergisch district.

Bergisches Trassen-Treffen (Bergisch Railway Line Meet)

 Every two years, a big cycling festival takes place along the Bergisch railway line cycle trails. Celebrate the Bergisch Trassentreffen (railway line meet) with us and cycle, run, skate or walk along the Panorama-Radweg Balkantrasse (Balkantrasse Panorama Cycle Trail), the Bergische Panorama-Radweg (Bergisch Panorama Cycle Trail), Raderoute Wasserquintett (Water Quintet Cycle Trail) or the Bergisch Railway Line Trio loop trails.