Overview of all cycle tours

Cycle tours in the Bergisch region

The following provides an overview of all of the cycle tours in the Bergisch region - whether on former railway lines, racing bike tours or just cycle trails ranging from easy to difficult through the hilly Bergisch landscape.

souther part (Rösrath - Troisdorf - Siegburg - Lohmar - Overath)
Length of this route: 43km
Length of this route: 54,3km
From the lowland plains of the Rhine to the hilly landscape of the Bergisch region
Length of this route: 50,4km
On the trail of the railway line from the Ruhr through the Bergisch region to the Sauerland
Length of this route: 132km
Between idyllic landscape and award-winning villages
Length of this route: 39,7km
Cycling through the countryside together
Length of this route: 11,6km


Familie auf dem Fahrrad im Bergischen Land
Rathaus mit Brunnen und Biergarten in Wipperfürth
Fachwerkensemble im Grünen in Bergneustadt-Wiedenest