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Hiking and walking in the Bergisches Land

Gentle, rolling hills, green meadows, beautiful mixed woodlands and remote valleys with rippling streams and reservoirs are typical of the Bergisches Land Nature Park. Small villages with idyllic alleyways, timber-framed and slate houses complete this picturesque image. A huge number of local and industrial history museums, castles, fortresses and churches bring the history and culture of the region to life. What could be more lovely than to explore this landscape on foot?

Under the brand "Bergisches Wanderland”(Bergisch Hiking Country),the region offers two quality long-distance hiking trails and 24 experience tours. On the "Bergischen Panoramasteig" (Bergisch Panorama Trail) and the "Bergisch Weg” (Bergisch Trail), you can enjoy the Bergisch landscape free of any cares and explore it in several daily stages on foot: the trails are marked continuously in both directions and are regularly inspected by trail supervisors. The same applies for the "Bergisch Streifzüge” (Bergisch Scout Trails), themed experience trails that beckon for half-day and full-day tours.

In total however there are over 4,000 kilometres of signposted hiking trails in the Bergisch region along which the region can be explored and discovered very well on foot. From short hikes to full-day tours, there is something to suit every walker and hiker. Here, you can enjoy fantastic views and allow your spirit to run free, experience nature and discover so much at the same time.

Along the trails, many culinary establishments await, offering refreshments. From small, typical Bergisch specialities to fresh cakes and waffles to award-winning cuisine, everything is on offer. An if your feet are sore in the evening, you can gather new strength at one of the wellness oases.



Quality Hiking Trails - the "Bergische Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country)

Under the brand "Bergische Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country), the "Bergische Weg" (Bergisch Trail) and the "Bergische Panoramasteig" (Bergisch Panorama Trail) offer two quality long-distance hiking trails accredited by the German Hiking Association through the region’s varied and open cultural landscape: As a loop trail, the Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail) offers a great many impressive views over the Bergisches Land Nature Park along its 244 kilometres, some extending as far as the Siebengebirge Mountains, the Sauerland and the Rhine. The Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail) runs for approx. 260 kilometres from Essen in the Ruhr Region through the Bergisches Land to Königswinter in the Siebengebirge Mountains. The combination of natural and cultural landscapes on the one hand and the opportunity to experience industrial culture and local history on the other is particularly attractive.

For full-day and half-day tours, there is also the Bergische Streifzüge (Bergisch Scout Trails), loop trails of various lengths (4-16 km) which enable those interested in culture and history as well as families to experience historical, natural history, technical and literary themes. For example, the Tuchermacherweg (Clothmakers’ Trail), the Overath Pilgerweg (Overath Pilgrims’ Trail), the Bierweg (Beer Trail) or the Baumweg (Tree Trail) offer very different hiking experiences.



more hiking trails in the Bergisch region

But there are many wonderful hiking trails off the certified Bergische Wanderland trails too. Whether you would like to take a short walk after finishing work, a relaxed hike at the weekend or a demanding full-day hike over several metres in altitude - here in the Bergisch region we have a large selection of signposted hiking routes. Just take a look at our list of tours, you are sure to find a hike to suit you here!

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Package Deals

Would you like to spend a few days in the Bergisch region with its hiking, delicious food and other wonderful offerings? Browse through our package deals.

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Hiking Hosts

Our "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" (Hiking Germany Quality Hosts) offer a huge range of services that include a lot of conveniences for you as a hiker.

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Guided Hikes

In the Bergisches Land, there is so much to discover, much of which you might not even notice. On guided hikes through the natural surroundings, you can learn a lot about the landscape, plants and animals. And in the individual towns, there are so many buildings and historical town centres, the old walls of which have experienced many centuries of history and hold many exciting secrets. The natural surroundings, culture and history of the Bergisches Land is brought to life in so many places and relayed on guided tours. Be open to surprises!

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Bergischer Wanderbus (Bergisch Hiking Bus)

Every year from Easter to the end of October, the Bergisch Wanderbus runs on weekends and holidays between Odenthal and Wermelskirchen. Plan your long-distance hike free of any cares and simply take the bus there or back.

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