Bergische Streifzüge (Themed Scout Trails)

The Bergischen Streifzüge (Bergisch Scout Trails)

Themed hiking trails of between 4 and 16 km

In addition to the long-distance routes, Bergische Wanderland also offers a total of 24 day and half-day tours with the Bergische Streifzügen (Bergisch Scout Trails). They entice with various historical, natural history, literary and technical themes. The adventurous tours - mostly loop trails - are between 4 and 16 kilometres long and offer a great variety of information boards and experience stations. Along the way, you will find out so many exciting things about the natural world, history and culture of the Bergisches Land. In order that children also have fun hiking, we have developed six family routes where the mouse (from the TV) accompanies the children. The hiking trails and information boards are particularly suited to primary school children.

Flyers for the individual scout trails can be downloaded here or ordered from us.

Farmers, animals and agriculture
Length of this route: 12,6km
On a tour of discovery to oaks, village lindens and a viewing tower
Length of this route: 6,5km
Manor houses, castles and gourmet temples
Length of this route: 10,1km
2.000 years of mining history in Rösrath
Length of this route: 12,2km
From hops, barley, malt and yeast
Length of this route: 13,4km
Heinrich Böll’s time in the Bergisches Land
Length of this route: 12km
Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Höhlen
Length of this route: 8,4km
A stream tells all
Length of this route: 14,9km
A region full of energy
Length of this route: 11,9km


Blick auf die Aggertalsperre vom Streifzug Energieweg aus im Sommer
Infotafel am Streifzug "Energieweg" an der Aggertalsperre im Bergischen Wanderland
Infotafel "Maus" am Obstweg mit Audiostation