Hiking trails (10-15 km)

Medium-distance hikes

Suggested tours for hikes lasting several hours

Do you only have a half day but would like to use it to go on a hike lasting several hours? Do you want to enjoy a relaxed breakfast first before you head off on a medium-distance tour? Or is 3-5 hours of hiking enough for you? Then take a look at our suggested 10-15 km tours! Here you will find beautiful hiking trails along the Eifgenbach river, through the Naafbachtal valley, around Große Dhünntalsperre reservoir and of course along our Bergisch scout trails.

Farmers, animals and agriculture
Length of this route: 12,6km
Manor houses, castles and gourmet temples
Length of this route: 10,1km
2.000 years of mining history in Rösrath
Length of this route: 12,2km
From hops, barley, malt and yeast
Length of this route: 13,4km
Heinrich Böll’s time in the Bergisches Land
Length of this route: 12km
A stream tells all
Length of this route: 14,9km
A region full of energy
Length of this route: 11,9km
Burnt down and built back up again
Length of this route: 12km
Where the cradle of the Bergisches Land once stood
Length of this route: 11,4km