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Stages of the “Bergische Weg” (Bergisch Trail) and “Bergische Panoramasteig” (Bergisch Panorama Trail) long-distance routes


Hiking stage by stage through the Bergisches Land

The Bergische Weg and Bergische Panoramasteig

For anyone who enjoys quality hiking trails, we recommend our two long-distance routes: the "Bergische Weg" (Bergisch Trail) and the "Bergische Panoramasteig” (Bergisch Panorama Trail). Both are certified as "Qualitätswege Wanderbares Deutschland" (Hiking Germany Quality Trails) by the German Hiking Association.
As a loop trail, the Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail) offers innumerable impressive views over Bergisches Land Nature Park along approx. 244 kilometres. These fascinating panoramas are worth every arduous ascent. The Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail) runs for approx. 260 kilometres from Essen in the Ruhr Region through the Bergisches Land to Königswinter in the Siebengebirge Mountains, charmingly combining nature and culture.
The stages vary greatly in terms of distance and how demanding they are (11-28 km). You can complete several stages in a row, staying overnight with our Bergisches Wanderland hosts or just hike a single stage. The access routes run from the town centres, sights and hiking car parks to the two long-distance routes. The Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail) and Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail) are joined together at two points by a connecting trail.
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If you want to travel back to the point of departure for your hike by public transport, please find out about your options beforehand:

The Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail)

The Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail)


Auf dem Bergischen Weg