Suggested tours for families

The Joy of Hiking for Young and Old

Varied and entertaining tours for families

Hiking with the family is often quite a challenge; the children have to be kept motivated the whole time. That is why we have put together a series of hiking trails of between 4 and 13 kilometres that are particularly varied and entertaining. The information boards along the trails (in German) are particularly suited to primary school children. Some of the trails are equipped with experience or audio stations, so they are particularly attractive. Your children certainly won’t be bored!

Anyone with small children can find hiking trails suitable for pushchairs here.

Farmers, animals and agriculture
Length of this route: 12,6km
On a tour of discovery to oaks, village lindens and a viewing tower
Length of this route: 6,5km
Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Höhlen
Length of this route: 8,4km
A region full of energy
Length of this route: 11,9km
On sounds and noise
Length of this route: 6,1km
Through the ages with the apple
Length of this route: 5,9km
Life, songs and a monument to the stone cutters
Length of this route: 6,2km
A world full of myths and legends
Length of this route: 12,8km
The wealth of water in the Bergisch region
Length of this route: 4,3km


Infotafel mit "Maus" am Obstweg
Infotafel am Streifzug "Energieweg" an der Aggertalsperre im Bergischen Wanderland
Aggertalsperre am Energieweg