Travelling the Bergisch rivers by canoe - a pure experience of nature. Breathe in the smell of the plants, watch animals and every so often simply cool off in the water. This is where you can experience the quiet side of the Bergisch region.
The Wupper river is over 100 kilometres long from the source in Marienheide in the Oberbergisch district to the mouth of the Wupper, where it runs into the Rhine. A long stretch that you can explore by canoe. Once you have started off on your journey, you will also experience interesting passages in the Bergisch Tri-city Area.
Canoeing and inflatable boat trips are a pleasure on the Agger river or the reservoirs too. The advantage for you: the Bergisch rivers are amongst the calmest in the country, so the trip never gets too wild and is also easy for beginners to master.