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Covered wagon and coach trips

A covered wagon or coach trip through the natural surroundings of the Bergisch region promises a little bit of romance, a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of fun. In any case, progress is leisurely and slow - a pleasant change from the fast pace of everyday life.

A private covered wagon or coach can be hired for larger or smaller groups as well as for individual passengers. Some hosts and farmers tackle their ponies or horses to the coach or covered wagon, some use a tractor as a somewhat faster “draught horse”. Anyone who wants can also make the trip a bit more sociable - drinks and rustic snacks are available as desired on the covered wagon trip.
So you can enjoy the fruit blossoms in spring, the shade of the forest in summer, the blaze of colour in autumn or a romantic winter coach trip.


Planwagenfahrt in Odenthal

Covered wagon and coach trips

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