Blick auf die Bevertalsperre mit Campingplatz am rechten UferFoto: Dominik Ketz

Reservoirs and lakes

Sometimes the forest is reflected on the surface of the water, sometimes there are many “water rats” romping about in and on the water, sometimes a swan or wild goose majestically comes to rest on the water and then another time the water crashed over the gigantic dam wall - these are the reservoirs in the Bergisches Land. Between green hills, nestled idyllically in the valleys, they dovetail into the Bergisch landscape and offer extensive opportunities for sports, relaxation and discovery.

The Bergisches Land, with a total of twelve reservoirs and lakes, has the most reservoirs of any region in Europe. Six of these offer ideal opportunities to relax, play, and enjoy some sports and fun in the water.

Leisure lakes

Jump into the cool water in summer or enjoy the sun from a boat - this is holiday bliss. The leisure reservoirs offer this in spades: swimming, sailing, rowing or paddle-boating, fishing, diving or simply relaxing on the banks. Regardless of whether you visit a guarded beach pool or dive into the water amongst the trees at an idyllic spot in the forest, swimming in a reservoir is an experience. And anyone who wants to do some exploring can dive down to the sunken houses and villages that were flooded when the dam was built.

Drinking water reservoirs

From drinking water to flood protection

With a total of twelve reservoirs, the Bergisch region has the most of any region in Europe. They were built between 1899 and 1985. Six of them ensure the supply of drinking water for the people of the Bergisch region and the surrounding major cities. The Große Dhünntalsperre reservoir supplies up to one million people with fresh water every day. The other six are primarily used to regulate the water levels of numerous rivers - flooding in the cities is a thing of the past. A fantastic side effect: the reservoirs invite sport, play and fun.

Reservoirs Hiking Experience

You are guaranteed peace and relaxation on a walk or an extended hike - in part right by the water at the leisure lakes and just a little back from the banks at the drinking water reservoirs because of the water protection zones. Experience the flora and fauna of the wetlands and enjoy new views of the water and small tributaries to the reservoirs again and again.

High-Tech Experience at the Dam

Experience the gigantic dams with a fantastic view of the expansive valley, not just from above but also from inside. Allow torch-bearing guides to explain the technology of the enormous structure and find out many exciting and little-known facts about flood protection, water regulation and safety.

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zwei Kanus auf der Aggertalsperre bei herrlichem Sommerwetter
Blick auf die Bevertalsperre und die Vorsperre mit Staudamm