Altenberg Cathedral

Surrounded by forests and meadows, Altenberg Cathedral rises up suddenly from the Dhünn valley. Such secluded valleys were among the preferred places to build for the Cistercian monks, who came to Altenberg from France in 1133 to found a new monastery.

Altenberg Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Germany. The Madonna with halo and the tabernacle are of particular art-historical significance. The large west window deserves particular attention: it depicts heavenly Jerusalem and, at 144 square metres, it is the biggest church window north of the Alps. Numerous elevated tombs and tombstones of the worldly and spiritual rulers inside the church also bear testament to the long history of the monastery and the Dukes and Counts of the Bergisch region’s history of nobility.

If you would like to explore the cathedral and its history under professional guidance, you should book a guided tour. Public tours are available free-of-charge from the beginning of February to the end of December every Saturday at 11 am. On Sundays and holidays, you can take part in a public tour at 12:45 pm and 3.30 pm. There are no Sunday tours in December. The meeting point is the main entrance to the Cathedral.

For anyone who would prefer to enjoy the cathedral and the surrounding monastery landscape alone and in peace, an audio tour is recommended - the relevant devices can be hired from the Altenberg Cathedral shop right next to the cathedral.

In recent times, Altenberg has also become a centre for spiritual music. Over one hundred concerts take place in the Cathedral every year. These are also worth a visit.

Accommodation Information

  • Public transport: max. 500 m


  • Hiking trail: Bergischer Weg 0.1 km

    POI is handicapped accessible

    • wheelchair-accessible
    • visually impaired
    • blind

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm


    Eugen-Heinen-Platz 2
    51519 Odenthal-Altenberg

    (Images: Dominik Ketz)