LVR-Industriemuseum Engelskirchen (industrial museum)

At first glance, it is as though time has stood still: The bulky greywacke buildings of the former Ermen & Engels cotton spinning mill still line the former textile yard. Even the steam machinery house chimney still exists. And along the railway lines that run from the nearby train station to the square, a goods train might soon pass the old cotton warehouse with a delivery of cotton. However, it’s been a long time since thread was spun here.

Today the entire site of the old factory is a protected monument. LVR-Industriemuseum has installed an exhibition space in the former doubling mill building. The focus of the permanent monument path presentation is the extensively preserved hydroelectric power station at the Ermen & Engels cotton spinning mill.

As you descent into the turbine cellar, you are greeted by mysterious blue light and the sound of running water, which gives the impression that water still flows through the passages with their mighty walls. As soon as your eyes adjust to the darkness, you can see the enormous turbines that powered the machines in the factory using a complex transmission system made up of a great many cogs and wheels.

On the floor above the turbine cellar, the large switchboard demonstrates how the power was distributed around the factory. The impressive steam engine at the entrance to the museum level is a reminder that there wasn’t always enough water power to drive the machinery.

In addition to this, various special exhibitions on different themes take place at the museum.

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      Engels-Platz 2
      51766 Engelskirchen
      Rheinisches Industriemuseum Engelskirchen

      (Images: Lutz Meyer-Ohlendorf & Gemeinde Engelskirchen)