Schmiedemuseum Oelchenshammer

The Oelchenshammer is some 200 years old and bears witness to the early industrial processing of iron. The Bergisches Land with its ore deposits, forests and waterways provided ideal conditions for the early iron industry. The advantages of this location were later put into perspective by the leading role assumed by the Ruhr district, which had the advantage of black coal mining. Accordingly, the operation of many hammers eventually became unprofitable and they were shut down over time. But not the Oelchenshammer. It was still in operation until the 1940s. The Oelchenshammer is connected to the Rheinisch Industrial Museum on Engelskirchen by an approx. 3 km hiking trail. The blacksmith demonstrations, where visitors gain a picture of early industrial working conditions, are well worth seeing. The now restored hammer also offers spaces for seminars, birthdays, family celebrations and company or association celebrations.

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      Adults, adults: 3.00 €3,00 €
      Discount, discount: 2.50 €2,50 €
      Groups, gropus (minimum 10 persons): 2.50 € each person2,50 €
      children and teenagers up to 18 years: free

      Opening hours

      April-October, Sunday14:00-18:00
      April to October, on Sundays: 2 pm to 6 pm


      51766 Engelskirchen-Bickenbach

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      Oelchenshammer Rheinisches Industriemuseum

      Engelsplatz 2
      51766 Engelskirchen
      Wasserrad am Oelchenshammer
      Wasserrad innen
      Stausee am Oelchenshammer

      (Images: Das Bergische / Maren Pussak)