Alte Dombach Paper Museum

Timber-framed buildings in a green valley landscape, streams and a clapping mill wheel - this is how the former Alte Dombach paper mill welcomes you. Germany’s biggest paper museum is all about the production and use of paper over the past 200 years. Visitors experience a rumbling stamp mill, make a sheet of paper themselves and see a laboratory paper machine in action. Numerous unusual, impressive, everyday and curious exhibits show the place paper holds in our world.

The PM4, a paper machine dating from 1889, which is forty metres long and five metres high, demonstrates the progress that has been made in industrialisation. Paper theatres, friendship booklets, historical packaging and other paper products were some of the ways paper was used in the past and provide information about the changes in education opportunities, the development from self-sufficiency to shopping at the supermarket, and modern hygiene standards. Today, millions of tonnes of paper are produced every year - what that means for our environment is also made clear.

The idyllic outdoor areas have further historical machines and various plants from which paper can be made. How the papermaker families lived in the 19th century can be experienced in a small worker's house.

The rustic "Alte Dombach" café invites you to take a break. And the little ones can let off some steam at the large playground - including a muddy play area, all in tune with the theme of the paper mill.

An annual paper festival takes place in May/June, and the popular paper market in August/September.

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      Alte Dombach 1 (an der Kürtener Str.)
      51465 Bergisch Gladbach
      Papier schöpfen
      Produkte aus Papier

      (Images: Das Bergische / Sabine Dohrmann (beide))