Museum Haus Dahl

Living under one roof with cows and pigs - this was nothing unusual in the Bergisch region about a hundred years ago. On a guided tour of Haus Dahl near Marienheide, you can experience what life was like in the past in the Bergisch region. Find out interesting facts and curiosities and learn when you had to step it up a gear or why Oberberg’s oldest farm house had to have owl holes.

Little games make a guided tour of the Low German hall house dating from the 16th century a special experience for children too.

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    Adequate for children

    Suitable for pushchairs | WC | Children’s birthdays


      Adults, adults: 2.00 euros2,00 €
      children and young persons: 1.00 euro1,00 €
      groups (minimum 10 persons): 1.00 euro each person1,00 €
      groups (children and young persons, minimum 10 persons): 0,50 euro each person0,50 €


      Dahl 3
      51709 Marienheide-Dahl
      Museum Haus Dahl
      Museum Haus Dahl

      (Images: Annika Kolken / Das Bergische)