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List of hosts (in German)

List of hosts 2019

Here you will find all of the hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation in the Bergisch region, clearly laid out with all of the features and extras.

You can download the brochures in German here:

Part 1 (page 1-41)
Part 2 (page 42-85)
Übersichtskarte und Legende

List of host (25 MB)

Leisure Map (in German)

Leisure Map

A large-format map that folds down to pocket size shows the attractive sights and excursion destinations in the region, clearly marked and with information on opening hours and directions for getting there.

Alternatively, you can download and print out the brochures as PDF files: Leisure Map


Bergische Kaffeetafel (in German)

This flyer describes the traditional “Bergische Kaffeetafel” (coffee and snacks) and it’s history.

Alternatively, you can download and print out the brochures as PDF files:
Bergische Kaffeetafel


Family brochures (in German)

Family brochure

In this brochure, you will find lots of tips for family outings in the Bergisches Land in both good and bad weather.

Alternatively, you can download and print out the brochures as PDF files:Family brochures

Bergische holiday routes (in German)

Bergische holiday routes

The map shows six routes you can take to explore the Bergisches Land by car or by camper van: Fachwerk-Route (Timber-framed Houses Route), the “Bonte Kerken” Tour (Colourful Churches Tour), the Talsperren-Tour (Reservoir Tour), the Domblicke-Tour (Cathedral View Route), the Panorama Route and the Schlösser- und Burgen-Tour (Castles and Fortresses Tour).

Alternatively, you can download and print out the brochures as PDF files:
Bergische holiday routes


Group brochures (in German)

Group brochures

In this brochure, there are lots of tips for your group excursion in the Bergisches Land. Whether with the family, a sports club or work colleagues - you will find something to suit everyone in the brochure.

Alternatively, you can download and print out the brochures as PDF files: Group brochures (30 MB)


Cycling map (in German)

Cycling map

The cycling map shows 23 cycle tours in the Bergisches Land, from easy to sporty. The routes are between 10 and 132 kilometres long. So there is something to suit every cyclist.

Cycling map to download


Bergisch guided tours (in German)

Bergisch guided tours

The brochure presents numerous guides and their tours. The tours are divided into five thematic areas - there’s something for every taste and Occasion.

brochure to download


"Bergische Panorama-Radwege" (Bergische panorama cycle trails) overview map (in German)

overview map

The "Bergische Panorama-Radwegen" (Bergisch Panorama Cycle Trails) overview map contains tours that mainly run along disused railway lines between the Ruhr, the Rhine and the Sieg.

Overview map Bergische Panorama cycle Trails to download


"Trassen-Treffen" map

Trassen-Ttreffen map

The “Trassen-Treffen” (Railway Line Meet) map contains a detailed overview map of Balkantrasse and Raderoute Wasserquintett (Water Quintet Cycle Route).

Trassen-Treffen map to download


"Bergisches Wanderland" overview map (in German)

Bergischer Weg

 The overview map offers you an overview of the long-distance “Bergische Weg” (Bergisch Trail) as well as the "Bergische Panoramasteig” (Bergisch Panorama Trail) and the "Bergische Streifzüge” (Bergisch Scout Trails). You will also find other exciting and useful information about the “Bergische Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country).

Bergisches Wanderland overview map to download


Flyer for the Bergische Weg and the Bergische Panoramasteig (in German)

Bergischer Weg

The two flyers introduce the locations and contain an overview map and stage descriptions

Flyer for the Bergische Weg to download


Flyer for the Bergische Panoramasteig to download


Het Bergische Land (NL)

A Dutch flyer about the Bergisches Land

Dutch flyer to download




Scout trails overview (in German)

Scout trails overview

This flyer provides an overview of all 24 scout trails at a glance. Discover the huge variety of hikes. Have you already hiked all of the scout trails? Or which ones are you still missing?

Scout Trails overview to download


24 Bergisch scout trails (in German)

There is a flyer for each of the 24 scout trails with an overview map, photos of the trail, a brief description and places to stop for refreshments. If you click on the respective title page, you can download the flyer.