Foto: (C) Dominik Ketz

Views with the wow factor

Views with the wow factor

Far-reaching, panoramic views are typical of the Bergisches Land, sometimes unexpected and sudden, sometimes long awaited from the many broad mountain ranges. Whether driving or hiking through the Bergisches Land, you will pause time and time again in fascination and enjoy the view. Looking out over green hills of forests or fields, the valleys in between with rivers and reservoirs, as well as innumerable small villages and hamlets. Sometimes the view extends as far as Cologne and the Rhine, the Sauerland or the Siebengebirge Mountains.

During the course of the year, you can get very different impressions: in spring the bushes and trees are in bloom. In summer everything is steeped in a luscious green with the flowers setting colourful accents. In autumn the leaves turn the landscape gold and in winter the hills are covered in a soft white.


The most beautiful views in the bergisch region